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Struggling to Sell Tax Plans to Clients?


Helping Accountants, CPA’s, and EA’s Create, Pitch, and Close Tax Plans is What We Do Best

The next Live Challenge is scheduled to begin after 2023 tax season!

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Accounting Professionals LOVE the 10-Days to Closing a Tax Plan Challenge!

See for yourself…

10-day Challenge Testimonials

Chika Obih, CPA

The 10-days to Closing a Tax Plan #challenge has been amazing Jackie Meyer.  I will be pitching the ROI presentation to my client tomorrow evening.  Looking forward to saving them over $30k in taxes!

Courtney Holness, MBA

The "10 Days to Close a Tax Plan" #challenge has taught me how to develop a repeatable process to get paid for my knowledge.  No more free tax advice! Can't thank you enough  Jackie Meyer, CPA for sharing your process and knowledge with us!

Rhonda Saucedo, EA

So I signed up for the 10 day to a tax plan challenge. I was excited and scared all at the same time. I didn’t really know what to expect and thought well if I learn one or two things that’s more then I knew.
But I gained so much more!

What Will You Gain in Just 10 Days?

Here’s the cold hard truth: tax planning is a beast of its own. You’ve been giving tax advice away for years, and you’re on the road to burn out.

This Live Challenge is The Key to Transforming Your Firm.

It’s the difference between the 99% of accountants that work insane hours for pennies, and the .000000002% that use the ROI Method of Tax Planning!

Accountants That Don’t Implement the ROI Method of Tax Planning™

  • Work 60+ hours a week
  • Serve demanding clients that expect way more than they are willing to pay for
  • Completely burnt out

Accountants That Learn & Implement Jackie’s ROI Method of Tax Planning™

  • Create tax plans that save clients thousands of dollars yearly
  • Work way less hours, while earning way more
  • Create the firm of their dreams
  • Finally enjoy free time!
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The ROI Method of Tax Planning™ Allows You to Take Back Control of Your Firm AND Your Life!

Jackie Meyer transformed her own CPA firm over the past decade using The ROI Method of Tax Planning™. So, what does that really mean? Well, Jackie took clients from $2,000 average per year for a 1040 and simple business return, to well over $12,000 average per client –  for the SAME compliance work, and a few hours more of focused tax advisory and analysis per year!

This shift allowed her firm to get off the hamster wheel of “busyness” and instead have - higher paying clients, higher satisfaction internally and externally, and less PITA’s!

Do you want to increase your revenue per client, knowing that you’ve done your best work possible to help their tax situation? Or continue working all nighters with ten times the clients?

In just 10 days, Jackie will teach you exactly how to implement this in your firm, too! What are you waiting for?

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Want To Hear What Accounting Pros Like Yourself Have to Say About the 10-Days To Closing A Tax Plan Live Challenge?


**Testimonials shown are real experiences of paying challenge members.**

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