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Certified Concierge Tax Accountant is the 6-month Tax Planning Masterclass that will teach you the technical tax planning skills that you need to bring clients massive ROI, all while sky-rocketing your firms revenue!

Begin anytime!



Take actionable steps with a small group intensive.


Develop pricing confidence and achieve your goals.



Stay motivated and accountable, with community, tools & resources. 


Learn all about Tax strategies, how to implement them, and provide additional value for clients. 


Tax Strategies & topics

  • Value Pricing
  • Charitable planning 
  • Individual tax strategies
  • Entity selection
  • FLP/ C- Corp
  • Passive and non-passive
  • Real estate strategies
  • Retirement contributions 
  • R &D, Micro, and more...

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From Jackie:

I'm passionate about helping accounting firm owners achieve continued success.  


From Sharla:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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I had access to a wealth of amazing information at my fingertip and I’m confident that Jackie will help me get to the next level

-Tiffany Johnson CPA, CFP


the thing that spurred me to act now was the confidence that I've gained from working through a couple of scenarios with Sharla on how you build a plan with various strategies.

-Kristin Kippen EA


Every CPA has clients where they can save them $10,000 to $20,000 off
the bat. They just don’t know they have those clients already.”

-Joy Lutz CPA

You’re just a few steps away from helping clients build and maintain their wealth.  


What is included in this course?

  • What Tax Planning IS and IS NOT
  • Learn how to implement a dozen strategies!
  • Overview of Pitching to the client 
  • Learn individual tax planning 
  • Planning for small businesses
  • Pricing Confidence
  • Accountability 
  • Sponsored by TaxPlanIQ
  • 18 Hours of CPE through
  • and more...

Don't wait! Start providing your clients' Tax advisory services today!



Get access to top-rated professional development coaching led by Tax Strategist & TaxPlanIQ founder Jackie Meyer CPA
& Tax Extraordinaire Sharla Bartley MBA.



Certified Concierge Tax Accountant

Instead of adding more clients to serve, provide more value to clients you already have by helping them SAVE thousands of dollars in taxes.  Becoming a Certified Concierge Tax Accountant gives you all the know-how and confidence to provide clients services to grow your firm.  Reserve your seat today to get started!

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