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A Whole New Way To Experience Professional Coaching for Accountants


Our average student typically sees a 200%+ ROI in their investment in our LIVE training program within 1-2 months of beginning the course! 



Start building a better Accounting firm. 


Certified Concierge Accountant Mastermind Group from coaches Chuck Bauer and Jackie Meyer are designed just for you! We're here to completely overhaul how your tax firm operates. You can expect improved results in new revenues, increased revenue per client, securing new dream clients, politely letting go of nightmare clients, better profit margins, and a decrease in time worked.

You won’t be counting down days until your next day off or vacation anymore, we promise! The only thing holding you back from you is you.

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This 6-Month LIVE training program with the expert guidance of Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer and 2019 CTC Firm of the Year Winner Jackie Meyer will take your accounting firm to extraordinary levels of success!

  • 900 MINUTES of LIVE group training with up to 20 qualified CPAs worldwide and TWO COACHES!
  • Learn proven techniques to improve firm efficiencies.
  • Solve challenges exclusive to the accounting industry.
  • Bonuses include exclusive invites and a MONTHLY live Q&A Session on Zoom.



  • CCA “S” Team starts on May 4th.
  • We meet on the first 3 Thursdays of the month from 3 PM- 3:50 PM CST. We do not meet in the 4th or 5th week of the month.
  • 18 Sessions for a total of 900 Minutes of High-Level Coaching with Jackie and Chuck.
  • Includes inclusion into the CCA cloud and 24/7/365 access to ALL materials and recordings.
  • During onboarding, you will be sent a calendar link to all 18 sessions – we use the same zoom link for ALL of your sessions.


  1. Time Blocking For Accountants
  2. Efficient Client Communication through Priority Codes
  3. Effective Deadline Strategy
  4. Client Care Calls for Solid Relationships & Valuable Referrals
  5. Repeatable Time-Saving Videos & Communication
  6. Your Value Pricing Blueprint To 3X Fees Via Planning & Advisory Services
  7. Tax Technical Case Studies via TaxPlanIQ
  8. Confidence through Situational Selling
  9. Personality Styles for Communication Simplification
  10. Packaged Offerings Conversion
  11. Discovery Meeting Optimization Strategies
  12. Conclusion Meetings Optimization Strategies
  13. Client Sales & Onboarding Process Automation
  14. Client Guidelines Strategies including Boundary Setting
  15. Homework, Emergent Challenges & Celebrations Check-Ins
  16. Client Presentation Chairside Reviews
  17. Confidence-Building Peer Examples
  18. Course Close Out, Recap & Invitation To Future Exclusive Events

* Course topics may be changed/customized for a group at our discretion.


“The CCA program has been a staple in our business for the past 3+ years. The network that has been created through CCA has limitless value and I have a support system in Chuck, Jackie and the other members that can always be  relied upon. Using the proven tactics and techniques, we have grown top line revenues 4X over this time period, built a systematic business and created life long friendships along the way. As someone who used to have the "I'll do it myself motto", I can't describe how beneficial coaching can be for firms of any size. The investment not only led to an immediate ROI, but continues to pay dividends well into the future.” 

—Greg O' Brien CPA,  Founder, GoCPAs
Boston, MA


"CCA gave me the accountability I needed to implement current projects and also gave me new ideas to make even stronger presentations to clients." 

—Hope St Clair CPA, CCA
Founder,Cherokee CPA Services
Canton, GA


"After completing the Certified Concierge Accountant Mastermind, I have over 500% in Return on Investment. There are so many nuggets in this program. I have changed every aspect of my business. I am more efficient, and my staff is also pleased with our increased communication. The priority codes are a game changer, and not just for staff. We are continuing to implement what we learned in this program, and we will finish this year by being a stronger, better firm, and focusing more on our clients. Win-win." 

— Michelle Leuvane Owner of Synergy CPA Group Centennial, CO


"I closed three clients recently—two of them at 5x my normal rate. The craziest part was, during my presentation of pointing out two key mistakes made on their return (out of the ten I had listed), they said 'Sold. Take my money.' The fear of losing clients because of increased fees is gone thanks to Jackie and Chuck."

—Kevin Smoot, EA
Owner, AccountAbility Inc
Clarksburg, MD


“What I gained most is confidence—and potential clients can see it. Clients now see how we can propel their financial success with the value and skills we provide. I LOVE Coach Jackie and Coach Chuck! Their methods are repeatable and can be adapted to a small, large, or scaling business.”

Kendall Broda, CPA, CTC
Owner, Taxes by the Sea
Oceanside, CA


“The last year was a big turnaround for us. We achieved so much in such a short period of time—going from almost nothing to nearly $750K+ in sales! All coaching, guidance, and tools provided to us during our CCA coaching sessions were exceptional. This success would not have been possible without such support and guidance.”

—Taruna Kanani, CPA, MS/TAX
Founder, KB Tax Deviser CPAs
Center Valley, PA

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All PASBA members receive a gift when joining CCA. 


What exactly will I get with Accounting Firm Coaching?



Re-ignite Your Passion for Taxes

Set realistic goals to grow your gross revenue and bottom line, to spend the most time doing what you love-whether that's work or vacation!


Confidence & Accountability

Finally stop overthinking and start doing what CPA's and EA's need.



Access to your peers and your two coaches Jackie & Chuck, in our private Facebook group, online portal, meet-ups, and virtual happy hours.


Templates & Case Studies Galore

Tax Planning Engagement letters, tax workflow templates, ROI trackers, access to software, and any other templates Chuck Bauer and Meyer Tax have custom created from the sales to service processes at accounting firms. We invented the wheel for firm owners, so you spend less than two hours a week in session and implementing!


Growth as an Accounting Firm Owner & Influencer

Become the tax firm leader and accounting influencer you are meant to be. Invest in yourself to increase your actual value, instead of being chained to an hourly billable rate.


ROI Coaching

Average students report over 200% ROI in our course within the first two months from upselling existing clients. By the end of six months, many see 500% tangible sales increases and unmeasurable intangible results.


No Fluff

We get real, real fast. We provide real results as experts in accounting firm best practices and tax firm hacks. This isn't counseling, it's accounting firm coaching and consulting.


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